A Tree

The last year has been challenging for our family in many ways. One year ago we moved overseas, proceeded to learn a new language and culture, and then in the Spring moved to our permanent location. Overall it has been a fun experience for our family. Other times it has been hard. When it gets hard, I find myself wanting to escape into a book or watching movies on the computer. It is important to have things that help you relax but I have to watch that I don't go beyond that and use it for escape. If I do, I will miss out on the growing that needs to take place in my life. I have to be willing to be stretched and out of my comfort zone for that to happen. I have to seek God's will in the situation not my wants. I find myself at times thinking it is too hard for me to grow in this place. This weekend I was reminded of how God can cause me to grow no matter where He has planted me. Look at this tree growing out of the side of a mountain. If God can grow a tree out of a mountain, then God can work and grow me anywhere and anytime. There is no need to put off lessons for another day. May God use me where I am today as He makes me more like His Son.


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