About Me and Disclosure Statement

Welcome to this space where I process life, what I am learning, and what I am reading.  TJ is a nickname.  Due to our previous work in Central Asia, I decided to not use my full name for security purposes for those still working there.  But if we ever meet in person, I would love to fully introduce myself.  

Currently, my husband and I live in West Africa.   My husband  is an humanitarian pilot, and I am a teacher.  Africa is new to us, and we are learning to love the people and culture here.  The differences are refreshing for this season.  We are blessed to live close to the beach and love to take walks after supper each night.

We have two children-W and Big D.   Our daughter is in University in the states where she is studying American Sign Language.  Our son is Senior in high school and attends a boarding school in Germany.  He loves photography and volleyball.  We miss having our children with us but are enjoying the empty nest season.

What about me?  I love being a child of God, a wife to N, and a mom to W and D.  In this season, I find myself the teacher for the expat kids on our team.  This year I will have two high schoolers and a kindergartener.  In addition, I am tutoring a few afternoons a week.  When I am not teaching or blogging, I enjoy long walks, crocheting, and working on projects around my house.  Of course, you also might find me cuddled up with a good book in my favorite chair with a glass of iced coffee or coke with lemon.

What does God have for me in West Africa?  I  am not sure yet, but it will be here at TJ's Musings that I share my journey, my struggles and what I am learning.  I love to write about how God's word is challenging and changing me. Just writing about what I am learning helps me to dig deeper into what God is teaching me.  Of course, you also might find a few posts about the books I am reading.   My prayer is all who visit this place will be encouraged in their faith and challenged to take another step on the journey God has for them.

Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means that if you click on an Amazon link and buy something, I get a little something towards my book habit with no extra cost to you.  Thanks in advance for any clicks you might make.

Many blessings,

PS.  These posts share my heart and some of our journey the last few years.


Stacey said...

Thank you so much TJ for including "Fresh Out of Amazing" here! I'm so honored!


Unknown said...

Nice to meet you! I'm happy to hear you are a child of God. I, too, like Beth Moore and other authors like that. I looked at some of your list of books. I'm interested in reading some. Thanks. I could add Debbie MacComber and Sheila Roberts books. (fiction) I could add "Sanity In The Waiting" and "You Have Been Found Wanting" by Lori Church. They are about waiting for answered prayer, scriptures, and God's faithfulness.